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Engineering services
with responsibility and expertise

Our company provides engineering services with experience in numerical simulations and engineering development. Our goal is to be a trusted partner for industrial companies with the aim of mutual growth. Our dedicated and experienced team develops carefully prepared design proposals for our customers. We specialize in assessing and improving the strength and reliability of machine structures.


Our company's guiding principle is that a project is only considered to be successful when we have found technically and economically feasible solutions to our customer’s problems. Our activities often involve liaising related to the technical aspects with the partner's suppliers and customers or with an approval authority.


When preparing our calculations and reports, we focus on careful, accurate work and prompt, direct communication. We take great care to ensure that valuable information is not lost in the communication process and we are dedicated to our deadlines, even if that comes with the need to subtly nudge our customers from time to time.


Our team of engineers has thorough knowledge of solid mechanics, material science, and numerical methods and has gained considerable experience in both FEA and CAD tools. We utilise the experience gained from our numerous successful projects and our constantly expanding contact network to shorten the path leading to successful developments for our clients. To ensure efficiency, we use the prevalent and reliable software and methods.



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